#25 – Jamaica Field Report II

Tales of mysterious napkins! Uninvited orange juice! And Adam share a tamagotchi secret!

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2 responses to “#25 – Jamaica Field Report II

  1. Oh, almost missed the tail end! Daniel, Cereal, Yes, it was the video. What a freaking co-incidence, Adam – I just bought Honey Bunches for the first time ever! And have been having it on top of corn flakes for a late night snack. I love it! But I ALWAY mix sweetened cereal with a plain cereal – don’t want people to say I’m too self-indulgent! Still waiting for Daniel’s answer! How respectful of Gil to not speak for Daniel. But also kind of weird considering all the DPDs that are still going, but never mind, as you say – I can hear the brotherly 💕. PS I would hoard mangos, too, … and chocolate. PSS does Alon now have 2 flame throwers? One for each hip?

  2. Don’t want to spoil anything BUT… listen to the next ep where Daniel’s answer is finally revealed! I swear, we’re trying to cut back on the DPDs but after you hear the next episode I feel like you’ll understand why sometimes its hard to stop 😀

    If you’re referring to the flame thrower he picked up in the Xmas special, that was actually just him finding the flamethrower he already owned (he may have gotten a little confused). So, currently only one flamethrower but that’s not to say one day he can’t have two!

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