#24 – The Gilville Christmas Spectacular!

Join the Gilville gang on their spectacular Christmas adventure!! Learn secrets of Daniel’s past! See the Forest of Hopes and Dreams! Gather your family around an old timey radio, play the Gilville Christmas Spectacular and let the Christmas cheer flow!!

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2 responses to “#24 – The Gilville Christmas Spectacular!

  1. Oh, how absurd and delightful. Took me awhile to finish it because I had to be in the right mood, and have enough time. Snowman militia wandering around now, oh god. What IS the climate in Gilville, anyway? Will they never melt? What do the machine elves think of them? Is Daniel the elf related to the machine elves? I have a bad memory, sorry, so won’t remember if those questions have or will be answered. Hey! Gilville needs a WIKI! Someone’s gotta check up on Gil’s brassy imagination and iron-clad memory! ❤️

  2. Thanks as always for listening! I’ll take your questions one at a time!
    1. The climate in Gilville varies depending on many things, including your location within the town (remember… Gilville is much larger than most people realize). It’s also never rained in Gilville before (except for once many years ago but we’ll get to that)
    2. Great point about melting! I’ll have to tell Alon where to point that flamethrower so we can get back to caroling without fear…
    3. The Machine Elves have differing opinions on it but most just chalk it up to Gilville zaniness, shake their head, and move one
    4. I’ll have to ask Daniel about it, but I think after we ignored him every time he brought up the whole “Elf” thing… he refuses to discuss it.

    Love your Gilville WIKI idea!! Definitely something for Daniel to work on while he’s toiling away at the University!

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