#23 – Baby Yoda

After a certain someone left Gil stranded in the real world, he makes his triumphant return to Gilville! This is one of those episodes where it’s not just Gil and Adam but also includes Alon and Daniel, so you know things are gonna get nuts (and a little heated)!

Baby Yoda is in it! (that’s gotta get us some clicks, right?)

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2 responses to “#23 – Baby Yoda

  1. Wow! What an honour! #1 on the non-vapour list! Thanks! Yay! Another episode! I was starting to wonder if my comment caused the destruction of the portal to Gilville, somehow. Such inanity. Thanks! PS what is Daniel’s favourite cereal?

    1. Thanks for sticking around through the hiatus! 🙂 And it’ll take more than though to destroy the portal! I’ve spoken to Daniel and we will make sure to address your cereal question in an upcoming episode (tried to fit it into the Christmas special but there was a little too much going on in that adventure for a cereal sidebar haha)

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